After starting the program three years before, Serge Ibaka visited the two institutions in Brazzaville, Congo, that the Serge Ibaka Foundation supports through Unicef as part of the program “UNICEF Gets Boys and Girls in the Game”, in the summer of 2014. The ASI girls center and the Space Jarrot boys day center prepared special activities for Serge’s visit and welcomed him with joy and pride. For Serge, seeing in person de evolution of the two centers and the progress of the boys and girls is: “a major motivation to keep giving back, helping and caring for these boys and girls. They are the future and deserve our help”.





The majority of the girls and boys in the program are orphans, and Serge is a mirror for them and an inspiration to work hard for their purposes. Besides education, the girls and boys participate in different activities and learn skills and jobs to be able to be independent in the future.