Creativity World Forum 2015

On March 31st Serge Ibaka was the invited guest to close the Creativity World Forum 2015 held in Oklahoma City. Serge was interviewed by Sir Kir Robinson and shared his story and his motivations with a 1500 people audience that was able to watch the ‘Son of the Congo’ documentary trailer before the interview.

Sir Ken Robinson asked Serge about the reason to do the film and how it translates into the Ibaka Foundation’s goals for the immediate future. “I wanted to do this film to inspire the children of my country and maybe other countries. The dream is free. I grew up with nothing, not even shoes to play in or a basketball to practice. But I had this dream and the passion. This is why I want to tell the kids that anything is possible”.

Serge used the Forum’s platform to talk about the Foundation and why it’s so important to him. “I lost my mom when I was seven and I know how hard can be for a kid to grow up like that. This is why I want to do more than basketball. It’s my job but in the end it’s just a game. I made my dream come true but now I have bigger dreams, which are to help as many kids as possible. We built a basketball court for them, we developed a program for orphan kids with Unicef and now my biggest dream is to build a hospital in Brazzaville”. 


‘Son of the Congo’ OKC Premiere

On March 21st, Oklahoma City hosted the ‘Son of the Congo’ Premiere at the city’s Civic Center. More than 1.500 people, including mayor Mick Cornett, Thunder teammates, fans and employees, where in attendance and the film was warmly received.

20150321_Son_of_the_Congo__LMJ_0254 copy

A large representation of kids from the ‘Surge: teen group‘ Program with the OU Children’s Hospital where in attendance, too. The kids walked the red carpet with Serge and where inspired but the 55 minute film.

20150321_Son_of_the_Congo__LMJ_0318 copy

20150321_Son_of_the_Congo__LMJ_0483 copy

Son_of_the_Congo__LMJ_0520 copy


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